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Birth of Konoko

The game Princess Konoko first came to birth during a Game Club meeting at our College. During our club meeting, we did practice game jams (1 hour jams) with two themes for a game. We could either code the game on the spot, or show some sort of concept in text, or in image.

The week that Konoko came into light was when we were given a theme of 'Lose to Win', and 'Empathy'. Although I do not know where 'empathy' would apply in this particular game, but the theme of "Lose to Win', should stand to stay.

The theme 'Lose to Win' would apply in that, that if you are hurt by an object that would be harmful (sword, axe, knife, shoe) to you then Princess Konoko will be satisfied, thus her health would go down. If you were to get hit by a pillow on the other hand, Princess Konoko would not be satisfied, and thus your health would go down.

Screen Size Problems

Unfortunately I was not able to set a fixed screen size in time because I was late, but if you click on maximize, everything should be sized perfectly! After clicking on maximize, you can press the 'F11' key to Full Screen the game.


  • WASD - move player
  • Enter key - Continue dialogue
  • Spacebar - Starts game after dialogue

Goal of the Game

  • Satisfy Princess Konoko by being hit by something harmful.
  • Being hit by a pillow will reduce your health.
  • Being hit by anything else will reduce Princess Konoko's health.

What is something 'Harmful'?

  • Everything that is not a pillow.

Konoko pixel art item-throwables

  • Sabrina (Art for Konoko's, item throwables)


  • Carl Mesias (programmer)
  • Carlos Murillo (Voodooman art design)
  • Cody Jacoby (Voodooman idea, Konoko art design)
  • Justin (Konoko attack Patterns)
  • Sabrina (Art for Konoko's, item throwables)
  • Tom (Konoko attack Patterns)

Full Credit Details and Specifics


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